Jiangsu Electronic Technology Environmental Co., Ltd. Second group construction activity in 2020

Time:2020-08-01 Visits:1908

On July 31, 2020, the second group construction activity of the company with Jiangsu Electronic Technology Environmental Co., LTD. was carried out.

Through this activity, we can hone our will, strengthen our spirit, promote communication, and make our employees fully determined to challenge the future, and employees will also take a rest and work with a more passionate and active mind.

Group construction activities are part of the company's humanities construction project. In the morning, group construction activities opened with everyone's interest. The employees' work on projects such as cart games and ATV is not only an individual breakthrough but also an expression of a team's will. After intense activity, the meeting began on time. The general manager Wu Jianwei said he wanted to thank senior employees and praise new employees so that they can all work steadily, creating capital for themselves and generating the company's profits. In the evening, everyone sat down and enjoyed BBQ to encourage those who had suffered all day long, and Chairman Li Mingzhen also shared his work experience and management concepts and looked forward to the future together.

This activity has narrowed the distance between the employees. Although the activity has brought us physical exhaustion, it has also brought us a leap in thought. Hope everyone can apply the experience of this team building project in future work and life, and do it better and better!