Excellent research and development strength  

Equipment Construction
R&D-Testing Platform Construction
R&D Talent Team Building

The total area of the center is more than 1,200 square meters, and the equipment is fully equipped, equipped with ICP instrument, ICP-MS, gas chromatograph, GC-MS chromatograph, ion chromatograph, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, intelligent multi-parameter water quality analyzer and other large instruments.

The center has now been established as a R&D-testing platform with independent waste acid and waste solvent processing capabilities and regeneration applications. It pays close attention to advanced technologies for the disposal of hazardous waste at home and abroad, and is committed to building the R&D-testing center into a first-class domestic hazardous waste Resource disposal technology center.

There are over 30 R&D and testing engineers in the center. Among them, there are 1 doctor, 15 masters, and 1 senior engineer. More than half of the staff have intermediate or above titles, forming a multidisciplinary complementary R&D-testing team with reasonable professional mix.